Monday, October 8, 2012

Love to Hate: Vol. 1

In an effort to complain less about things that aren't worth complaining about, I've decided to match every complaint with an opposite observation of greater or equal value. I'll be making this a regular exercise, the end game being that I become less of a curmudgeon and more of a fucking delightful and tolerable human being.

Let's start with something I hate.

Hate01 Hate02 Hate03 Hate04 Hate05 Hate06 Hate07

And now - something that I truly love.

Love01 Love02 Love03 Love04

Baby steps, y'all.


  1. oh MANNNN I know that feeling. For me it's peeling off that gummy-like adhesive strip from any packaged item containing a "Directions" insert. LOVE IT.

  2. I love peeling off that sticker thingy. Much to my husband's frustration. I also hate those people on street corners; no I will NOT give my money to a stranger on a street corner. One of them was so pushy she actually insinuated I was in an abusive relationship because I wanted to talk to my husband about it first, since we have a joint bank account.

  3. I love it when you post. The first is THE STORY of my life working downtown in Boulder, Colorado. Green Peace density = too much.

  4. ditto! love your illustrations btw. :)

  5. killing me with the monthly entries. need more. you do realize all other blogs suck right

  6. Tricks with Greenpeace people. 1. (basic) Pull out your cellphone before you get to them and pretend to text someone. 2. (still pretty basic) If they ask you if you care about the environment, like trees, or whatever, say that you don't and walk away without looking back. 3. (advanced) Carry your own clipboard and try to make them give you money for something nonsensical.

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